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50 Ways to Survive
Много денег

Краткое описание:
exciting new platformer

You can play through maniacally fast or go for the perfect score by collecting every crown on each level and acquire all 30 achievements! And no, you don't need to buy anything to win this game, but you can to become completely invincible and unstoppable like Grimmy thinks he is for just a few mere crowns.

It's endless fun, for free!

- Launched with 36 total levels: and yes, more levels already on the way! We will never sleep again.
- Controls so simple a lion would rave about them.
- 6 playable characters - even play at as Grimmy, the game's villain!
- Find powerups (and sometimes pocket lint) for free along the way and cash in your crowns too. Get our bribe of 1000 crowns just by playing the first time.
- Brazen boss battles at the end of each beautiful chapter - a bonanza!
- Under 50 megabytes so download it anywhere, anytime!
- Tablet support!

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